It pains me, Binki, to state that I have been forced to recognize (irssi failed to run due to me breaking my perl installation) that I do not actually use IRC and that keeping an unsupported IRCd operating is actually a disservice. I have permanently stopped the IRCd as of 2022-12-24 and have no further plans to turn it on. If you need to talk to Binki, see @ohnobinki (assuming Elon has not managed to kill Twitter yet).

Anarchy IRC

ridik. Home of the Retro-Box Network, where law, order, and peace reign as prime ministers.

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Each server is listed by its ServerName/me::name below. Each server listens for SSL connections with a self-signed SSL cert on port 6697. Plaintext and, in many cases, STARTTLS are available on port 6667. We have no agreed-upon round robin setup yet, but you are allowed to just connect to if you wish not to bother with thinking about individual servers.


Generally, do not be stupid. We reserve the right to ban any user for any reason whatsoever including no reason. But here are some particular guidelines:

Identity Management

We run Anope-1.x to provide basic identity management. Please try to use the email option if you register so that your password may be reset that way. Otherwise, you will have to convince binki that you are yourself. When interacting with services, please make sure that you are in the server window of your IRC client to avoid accidentally pasting your password plaintext into a channel. Also, please create a unique password for this net; we do not want a breach of our security to result in your bank (or, even worse, unicoin wallet) credentials being stolen.

To read our bios and get a very minor jumpstart on some inside jokes, head to retronet wiki hosted on Beige Box. For example, once a few of us went and made A thing. ikr.


2014-06-13 03:08+0000 < neko2k> let's buy
2015-06-11 04:01+0000 < neko2k> binki, can we register

Apparently, it is a roughly annual thing.